Halloween Makeup Tips

Halloween Makeup Tips

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When we hear the word joker, the first thing that clicks our mind is laughter. However, there are two styles of Joker makeup which come from the comic books and the movie “The dark knight”. Both these characters completely require different techniques of makeup as the one from the comics uses a vivid and vivacious makeup design, while the Joker in the movie uses a nasty and filthy look. Regardless of the character, the Joker portrays, here are some tips on how to do a Joker makeup.

Tips for a Joker Makeup

The first thing you need to do is to create a base for the face. For this, you will have to apply a white coloured paint all over your face. This can be done appropriately with the help of a sponge which you can dab on a white cream makeup or foundation. As a substitute, you can use your fingertips to rub the lotion on your whole face, neck, forehead, cheeks, nose and chin. If you are portraying a funny look like in the comics, then the white cream that you apply must be thick and if you are representing the wicked one then leave some blot at some areas to create an uneven, patchy effect.

Next step is to get grey face paint and apply it on your forehead and bottom lip and chin with the help of your finger. This will be similar to the cluttered shadow that you see.
Once done with shadowing, you can rub black face paint under your eyes and over your eyelids. You should be able to show up two black holes in your eyes, and therefore you need to make it extra gloomy particularly on the eyes part. The paint should be applied to your eyebrow areas to make it more visible, mainly when you open your eyes. Face paints are essential to creating a creepy look in case of a joker makeup. You can make use of makeup cosmetics for a gentle makeup of a clown. For the eye, dip the eye shadow brush in the black mascara and swipe the eye shadow brush on the entire lid.
Now work on the lip part. For a scary look, you will need a paintbrush and red face paint. Dip the paintbrush in the red paint and generously smear it around your lips and chin. Then with your finger make a red line from the edge of your mouth up toward your cheeks forming a huge smile. You can also choose to add red dots on your cheeks. Apply red coloured lipstick on the lips. For creating a smiley face, draw a line with lipstick by extending it past the lips moving it slightly in an upward direction.
For the hair, close your eyes tightly and spray all your hair with a green fair spray. Spray as much as you desire as the more you spray, the brighter green your hair would appear. Green hair colour usually works for the funny joker, whereas for the weird one, you can create the appearance as per the requirement.

With a great joker makeup, you need to complement it with a good joker outfit. Usually, it should be a mismatch like purple pants and white dress shirt with a purple suit jacket. However, if the Joker makeup demands a daunting appearance, then you need to work on the weird outfit, as well.
You would be able to find Joker makeup kit at your local Halloween store or can even shop for it online.

Joker makeup looks greats with a right attitude. So better watch your attitude and hold your appearance effectively.

Making Makeup Safe for Kids

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Can you imagine a toddler with a heavy makeup? Definitely not! Kids have a young and undeveloped skin which can be damaged with the use of makeup. The ideal age for kids to wear makeup is usually between twelve to fourteen years old. So for the caring parents, take a note of the right age of your child for the makeup application.

However, there are so many star kids in this world that makeup becomes their routine part. Hence, when applying makeup, keep it as natural as possible. Make sure; you use hypoallergenic facial moisturiser before applying makeup.

Makeup Products for Kids

When makeup becomes essential for kids, it doesn’t mean that all makeup products should be experimented and applied on children. There are some selected makeup products that are necessary for a kid’s makeup like foundation, powder, blush, lip liner, lipstick, eye shadows, mascara, eyeliner and highlighter. Though these makeup products cover the majority of makeup application, yet other additional makeup products should be kept away.

Makeup Tips for Kids

To start with the makeup, first, cleanse the face with a face wash and then if required apply foundation. If you can skip using foundation, you can only use a translucent powder as a base followed by light blush on the cheeks and lipstick to end with. For lipsticks, soft colours like pink and rosy ones will be the best for them.
Kids do not have the understanding of what not to apply and when to stop applying makeup. It is a good practice to buy a simple collection of makeup colours so as to make them learn the strategies of makeup. There are enormous cosmetic brands that manufacture makeup kits which are specially designed for kids, buy them and use the products on your kid’s face.

Choose delicate colours for your kid. Go for the colours that match your child’s skin tone and don’t appear like makeup. You kid may love to wear loud colours. However, you would not want to keep that option in first place.
Apply makeup that is easy to remove. Kids are very moody and don’t carry makeup for long. Hence, you should choose makeup products that are easily removable using soap and water.
If you want to allow your kids to apply the makeup by themselves then always buy a makeup that is not messy and can be easily implemented by children.

Halloween Makeup Tips for Kids

Vampire Look

For a blood sucking vampire appearance, paint your child’s face with white paint. Smear black eye shadow around the corner of the eyes and with the help of an eye pencil draw a pointed eyebrow. Use red lipstick to create fake blood dripping from the boundary of the mouth.

Witch Look

Make use of a green face paint and using an eye pencil draw V-shaped lines in the middle of the forehead. Create fake wrinkles using black eyeliner.

Skeleton Look

Use white paint on the entire face and then apply black paint around the corners of the eyes. Make use of the black paint on the edges of nose and mouth as well. Use black eyeliner to get spooky looking nostrils.

Kid’s makeup is fun for you as well as for your kids. Kids enjoy wearing it, and you enjoy watching them. But beyond this enjoyment, take a good care of your child’s skin.

Indian Bridal Makeup

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Indian brides have a wide choice of makeup to choose from as there are different traditional attires depending on the varied customs that Indian people follow. But nevertheless, the basic makeup remains the same in most of the traditions. Some follow a tradition of wearing saris with particular colours like red, white with a golden border, green or yellow, while others have a custom of wearing Lehenga in any choice of colour. Keep on reading further to find out more about the appealing Indian bridal makeup.

Modernised Indian Bridal Makeup

Even Indian bridal makeup has to follow the basic regime of makeup. As it is a very special occasion of your own, you would wish for a flawless, glowing complexion. Hence, you need to follow the below aspect of a bridal makeup.

Moisturise it Well

You need to make sure to apply moisturiser well at least for fifteen minutes before you apply foundation. When you use moisturiser, let the skin absorb it for a smooth application of further makeup. Once it has been done, you can start using concealer under eyes and on marks if any. This would make your skin look plain and unblemished.

Blend Foundation, Puff Powder and Brush the Blush

You should ideally practice applying the base of your makeup before the primary day. This would help you to know the right shade of foundation that you have chosen. When you are sure about a foundation that is perfect for you, apply it with the help of a damp sponge or foundation brush.

If you have oily skin, you can use powder based foundation for a matte look and if your skin is dry, then go for a liquid based foundation which usually comes in cream-based form. If you find it difficult to blend the cream based foundation on your skin, then you can mix little water or moisturiser to ease your task.

Set up the foundation with the help of translucent powder and finally apply blush on your cheekbones in an upward direction. Make sure you do not overdo as this is the base of your makeup. If you mess up with it, you will mess up with your wedding look too.

Apply Eyeshadow, Eyeliner, Mascara and Kohl Pencil

To spark up your eyes, apply a neutral shade of eye shadow. Eyeliner can be used in a dramatic way for a more defined took. Outline your lower eyelid with a kohl pencil and of course not to miss, a coat of waterproof mascara will complete your eye makeup. If you wish, apply another coat of mascara to highlight your eyelashes.

Perfect Lips

Perfect lips are only possible by applying moisturiser. Ensure that your lips are not chapped or dry. Before your wedding day, make it a point to hydrate your lips with the help of a lip balm. To start with the lip makeup, you fist need to moist your lips with a lip balm and then outline your lips with a lip liner. Fill the lips with a long-lasting or matte textured lipstick so that it does not fade. To match it up with your shimmering attire, add a coat of gloss.

Custom of Indian Bridal Makeup

With the touch of a complete bridal makeup, Indian bridal accessories add a charm. Right from a traditional outfit, jewellery, bind to bangles, ring, pay, nose ring and mangal sutra, everything is simply made for a beautiful bridal get up.

This is how an Indian bridal makeup is done. For all the brides to be, get yourself prepared to look the most beautiful on your D-Day.

All About Diorshow Mascara

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If you wear makeup, the chances are that you are fan of mascara, the magical potion that makes your eyelashes look lustrous, long, and beautiful. This is one of the best makeup items to enhance the beauty of the eyes and the range in the mascaras has really burgeoned in the last few years. This is the age of the smudge proof and fast dry mascaras, that make your eyes truly magical.
Make sure that the mascara that you use is very-very skin friendly or else you may end up with some serious allergy or eye infection. The correct ways of applying the mascara is equally important and hence train yourself a couple of times on the application. Nowadays, colored mascaras apart from the conventional black are also available; if you are enterprising enough to try them out, make sure the same goes with your skin tone. Not only that, you will also get a variety of mascara in terms of curling mascaras and thickening mascaras.

All about diorshow mascara

One of the best brands in this category is the diorshow mascara, a brand that has been offering great quality for quite a few years now. Its thick wand not only makes the application of the mascara a real pleasure but its extra deep color does leave your eyes looking great. Apart from that, it does give volume to your eyelashes a great deal. If you are just starting to use the mascaras, this is by far the best brand to start with. For all its features, it comes real cheap and hence it is a real favorite with women.

Its formula does not dry up fast and so you can be assured of many applications with just one bottle. It really makes your eyelashes look luscious. This is the mascara that comes smudge free and flake free, so you will not only get smooth applications every time you swipe the wand on your eye lashes, but you will get it all for pretty long durations as well. In fact, these mascaras are so good that you are not even required to wear eyeliners either. Little wonder then that diorshow mascara is actually the first choice of the women the world over.

Do not miss out the various advantages associated with it:

You can read the umpteen reviews on the various sites or better still ask somebody close to you who would have used this mascara and you will surely get a feel of the same. This mascara is little priced with benefits that it comes with. So just in case you have not yet tried the mascara that has made millions of women swoon over, do so now. You will not only become a diehard fan of this mascara for the rest of your life but you are also sure to recommend this brand to your female friends as well. They would rave about it as well. This is easily available across all retail make up stores as well as on the umpteen e commerce sites. Place you order today.

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